1. Paper planes must be made on the day with provided paper (A4, under 100GSM).
  2. Only one piece of paper per plane may be used.
  3. There will be two categories: Distance & Time Aloft.
  4. Students may compete in one or both categories.
  5. Only current Primary School or Secondary School students are allowed to compete. There is an ‘OPEN’ category for parents and siblings wishing to compete. See the Competition Day schedule for timing.
  6. There will be 6 age/year groups for each category. See below for age/grade groups.
  7. In both Preliminary rounds and Finals, each student will get 2 throws. Students may use the same plane for each throw or construct a new plane for the second throw.
  8. Each Distance throw must land within the marked competition area.
  9. Students must not overstep the marked ‘throwing line/mark’, if a thrower steps over the line the throw will not be counted or measured.
  10. Distance will be measured in a straight line from the throwing mark to where the plane first hits the ground or an object (whichever first).
  11. Time will be measured from the moment the plane leaves the hand to when it hits the ground or an object (whichever first).
  12. Cheating or tampering with paper will warrant immediate disqualification.


Age/Year groups will be defined by the students current school grade on the day of the competition. Please see below for the category you’ll be competing in.

  1. Trainee Pilots: Years K – 2

  2. Junior Pilots: Year 3
  3. Intermediate Pilots: Year 4 

  4. Master Pilots: Year 

  5. Senior Pilots: Year 6 

  6. Advanced Pilots: Years 7 – 12


The REGIONAL HIGH FLYERS COMPETITION is designed for students who live in remote areas or outside of NSW altogether. This year we’re even allowing international competitors to enter, how awesome is that? To compete in this category schools must run their own competition abiding by the rules above. Each school should submit their highest distance and time in the air result through the ‘Regional High Flyers’ entry page on this website.

For us to validate throws to be in line with the competition rules all throws must be recorded on video, a requirement on the entry page. Additionally throws must be conducted indoors or in a shielded ‘no wind environment’. This may be difficult in some schools, we will take ‘wind assistance’ into consideration if we believe a throw was over aided by conditions when judging the winner. Please check the ‘NEWS’ section of this site closer to August for more information on the prize we’ll be offering!


To qualify for the 2017 NSW ALL SCHOOLS PAPER PLANE CHALLENGE you’ll need to throw over a specific time or distance. Please refer to the below distances to make sure you qualify before entering.

     YEAR K-2: Time Aloft: 5s | Distance: 12m
     YEARS 3-4: Time Aloft: 5s | Distance: 15m
     YEARS 5-6: Time Aloft: 6s | Distance: 18m
     YEARS 7-12: Time Aloft: 6s | Distance: 20m