“Welcome to the World’s Biggest Paper Plane Competition for Schools – now in its 6th year”


For Australian and International school students, we are running an online 2020 STANSW YOUNG SCIENTIST PAPER PLANE CHALLENGE and a VIDEO of your throw must be uploaded with your entry by midnight FRIDAY 28TH AUGUST 2020. Due to COVID-19, there will be no face-to-face finals as we have held in the last five years. Whoever is on top of the category leaderboard at midnight, Friday 28th August will be declared the winner of that age group.

“No registration is needed – Once a student makes the qualifying distance or time and uploads their details and video – they’re officially entered!”


We have gold, silver and bronze medals for the top three distance throws and airtime throws in each of age categories. With 13 age categories from Kindergarten to Year/Grade 12, we have a total of 78 medals for the 2020 STANSW YOUNG SCIENTIST PAPER PLANE CHALLENGE.

If Social Distancing Restrictions are eased for 2021, we will once again be running the 2021 STANSW Young Scientist Paper Plane State Championships at the University of Sydney as well as continuing this revised online format for any student around the world.