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Alright Pilots! If you do not live close to Sydney and would still like to be part of the action we are running the REGIONAL HIGH FLYERS PAPER PLANE CHALLENGE again this year. All you need to do is have a verified throw recorded by a teacher, parent or another adult, then fill out the adjacent form and make sure you’ve met the criteria and you’re following the rules. The rules are the same, just winners are judged by video.

This year we are asking that you upload the video of your throw onto a public domain media platform such as YouTube and include the URL address on your entry submission so that your throw can be viewed by anyone who visits the appropriate LEADERBOARD. Young Scientist judges will also inspect the videos of the highest achieving throws to ensure that the throws are eligible and show no evidence of wind assistance.

All entries for the REGIONAL HIGH FLYERS CHALLENGE must be submitted before midnight at the end of Friday 30th August, 2019.

On the date of the competition in Sydney (Saturday 31st August) we will also be announcing the winner of the 2019 REGIONAL HIGH FLYERS CHALLENGE, you’ll be contacted via email if you have won a prize. Gold, Silver and Bronze Medallions will be awarded to winners of each age category. Good Luck!


PRIMARY: Time Aloft: 5s | Distance: 12m

SECONDARY: Time Aloft: 6s | Distance: 18m