Directions for Qualifying from Home

Unlike an official school event, the process of qualifying individually is far easier. The student is not limited to two throws and all they need to do is beat the qualifying distance or time with an adult witnessing the qualifying throw. An adult must be at least 18 years of age and be willing to provide their contact details (name and email address).

All rules must be followed carefully and the throwing area must be flat and the wind must be calm or a gentle breeze, if throwing outdoors.

Once a qualifying throw has been made, the adult or the student may register the throw on the online Registration system. The student is then encouraged to practice and try new designs, in order to make improvements and they should then register their improved performance.

We will be operating a leaderboard for each event that will be updated regularly so the student can regularly check their current ranking.  For the 2016 NSW All Schools Paper Plane Challenge to be held at the University of Sydney, the ranking will not play a role in the final placings. The placings will all be determined by the two throws that the students have in the Preliminary Final, from which the top 6 will qualify for the Grand Final.

The ranking, however, is vitally important for the High Flyers Paper Plane Challenge. Whoever is in top of the leaderboard at 5pm on Monday 22nd August will be declared the winner for each of the three events. Remember, the High Flyers Paper Plane Challenge is for students who are unable to come to the finals at Sydney University and they must provide video footage of their best throw. The judges’ decision is final and names will only be posted on the leaderboard if all 3 judges approve the throw. Students whose throw is not approved by all 3 judges will be informed by email, with suggestions for how they can modify their throwing procedure or conditions.

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