Longest Airtime Event

To be eligible to qualify for the 2015 Young Scientist Paper Plane Challenge or the Regional High Flyers competition, school events and individual qualifying throws must be conducted following each of these rules. These rules are a modification of the Red Bull Paper Wings International Rules.

General Rules

  • All events should preferably be held indoors or in an outdoor location where the wind speed is at most gentle.
  • Paper planes must only be constructed out of one piece of paper: standard 80 g/m² paper, A4 format (297×210mm).
  • The sheet must be modified by folding only! No ripping, gluing, cutting, stapling or ballasting is allowed!
  • Paper planes have to be built on site with the provided official paper.
  • Two trials per participant are allowed. Different planes can be used, the better attempt counts.
  • An adult (teacher, parent or other) must be present to verify any qualifying throw and their contact details must be included in the online registration.
  • In events where multiple students throw at the same time, a re-throw is permitted if two or more planes come into contact.

Longest Airtime Event

  • The aircraft must be launched by one student throwing the aircraft unaided from a reasonably static position. The participant needs to have at least one foot on the ground when the plane is released.
  • A run-up or fast walk as part of the launch is not permitted, nor the use of ramps or like devices.
  • Two trials per participant are allowed. Different planes can be used, the better attempt counts.
  • A timing device that measures to tenths or hundredths of seconds is required.
  • Decisive for measurement are the moments when the paper plane leaves the hand and first time hits the ground or any object. Results are counted in tenths or hundredths of seconds.


  1. Open to all NSW school students this is promising to be a most exciting and popular event. To add to this excitement, Dylan Parker and James Norton will be assisting in the organising and running of the Young Scientist Paper Plane Challenge.

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