Furthest Distance Event

To be eligible to qualify for the 2015 Young Scientist Paper Plane Challenge or the Regional High Flyers competition, school events and individual qualifying throws must be conducted following each of these rules. These rules are a modification of the Red Bull Paper Wings International Rules.

General Rules

  • All events should preferably be held indoors or in an outdoor location where the wind speed is at most gentle.
  • Paper planes must only be constructed out of one piece of paper: standard 80 g/m² paper, A4 format (297×210mm).
  • The sheet must be modified by folding only! No ripping, gluing, cutting, stapling or ballasting is allowed!
  • Paper planes have to be built on site with the provided official paper.
  • Two trials per participant are allowed. Different planes can be used, the better attempt counts.
  • An adult (teacher, parent or other) must be present to verify any qualifying throw and their contact details must be included in the online registration.
  • In events where multiple students throw at the same time, a re-throw is permitted if two or more planes come into contact.

Furthest Distance Event 

  • The student is allowed to have a run-up.
  • The aircraft must be launched by one student throwing the aircraft unaided from behind a straight launch line marked on the floor. Touching the launch line or any point beyond during the launch, leads to an invalid attempt. The thrower may move beyond the launch line, after the paper plane hits the ground or any object.
  • Two trials per student are allowed. Different planes can be used, the better attempt counts.
  • The longest distance has to be measured with a standardised tape measure or laser / video facility.
  • The distance is recorded to the first point where the paper plane hits the ground or any object.
  • Distances need to be recorded in metres, preferably to 2 decimal places e.g. 13.72 m.


  1. Hi

    I have a student who has posed the question around folding and throwing. Can a different person fold to the person who throws or must this be the same person?

    Mrs Grocott
    Artarmon Public School

  2. Ideally the person who folds the plane should be the one who throws it. However, if there is a medical reason why someone can’t throw a plane then they will be able to have one nominated student who will throw the plane for them and if they win, they will share the prize.

  3. There is no time limit for the folding, however, they must fold their plane unaided on the table where they are directed.

  4. Yes for distance it is measured as the shortest straight line distance from the throwing line to where it landed.

  5. Charlie, the contest plan will be similar to last year but we will let you know the details in Early March when we officially launch this year’s event which will be called the NSW All Schools Paper Plane Challenge.

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