Open Day

Saturday 27th August (Competition day)

Any student who has qualified for the Preliminary Final  must sign on at the Registration Desk which will be located at a venue to be confirmed (Open Day officials with brightly coloured vests will be able to direct you). When registering we will be asking for a gold coin donation to help cover some of the costs of holding this event.

Students will be directed to line up in the marshalling area for their respective event where students will be lined up behind different runways. When it is time for a student to have their first throw, they will be given an A4 piece of paper and they will be given time to fold their paper plane on the table provided. They will then move up to the line. When given the instruction, each student will release their plane and each student’s throw will be measured by a designated officila who will record their distance/time on the recording sheet. Student’s will then retrieve their planes and move  to the end of the line for their second attempt.

When a student has their second attempt they may use the same plane or make a new one.


  1. Hi,
    My son was selected to participate in the paper plan competition in his school , but unfortunately we got late to sign in the invitation , will he still be able to participate in Saturday, he was eagerly waiting for it.
    Please advise if there is any other option.

  2. We are running a Wild Card Round from 10:30 to 11:45am for anyone who is in a position like your son. All you have to do is beat the qualifying distance of 12m and/or airtime of 5s and you qualify for the finals which start at 12 midday (although we might start a bit earlier due to the huge numbers). Simply turn up (no pre-booking) and register and pay your gold coin donation and you can attempt to qualify.

  3. What time do the pre-comp activities start (e.g., expert advise)? We’d like to get in as much as possible before the preliminary final round starts. Thanks!

  4. I am not sure when the experts are coming. They are there for the whole Preliminary Round so I say they will rock up at 11am and be ready to go by 11:30am.

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