Procedure for Preliminary Final

Saturday 29th August, 12pm – 2pm

Any student who has qualified for the Preliminary Final must sign on at the Preliminary Final Registration Desk which will be located at the corner of Fisher Library facing the lawns in front of the new Law Building (Open Day officials with brightly coloured vests will be able to direct you). When registering we will be asking for a gold coin donation to help cover some of the costs of holding this event.

Students will be given a colour-coded sticker with their registration number on it and they will be directed to line up in the marshalling area for their respective event where students will be formed into groups of 6. When it is time for a group to have their first throw, they will be given an A4 piece of paper and they will be directed to write their registration number in the designated box on their piece of paper. They will be given some time to fold their paper plane on the table provided, before moving up to the line.  When given the instruction, each student will release their plane and each student’s throw will be measured by a designated judge who will record their distance/time on the marshalling slip. Student’s will then retrieve their planes and move as a group to the end of the line for their second attempt.

When a student has their second attempt they may use the same plane or make a new one. Markers showing the leading 6 competitors will be displayed during the 2 hours of the Preliminary Finals and the names and distances/times of the leading 6 competitors will be shown on a leaderboard that will be continually updated during the afternoon. At 2pm, the leading 6 competitors in each event will have the right to compete in the 2015 Young Scientist Paper Plane Challenge Grand Final starting at 2:30pm.

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