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Working Collaboratively with Paper Plane ExpertsDylan and james

We are pleased to announce that Dylan Parker and James Norton, whose World Championship paper plane exploits’ inspired the hit Aussie movie Paper Planes, are on the organising committee for the Young Scientist Paper Plane Challenge. They will be helping with the running of the finals at the Sydney University Open Day and as a special treat, they will be demonstrating their folding and throwing techniques during the break between the Preliminary Final and the Grand Final. This special event should not be missed!

During the Preliminary Final they will be setting up a lounge where you can visit them and get those last minute expert tips and have the opportunity of having a final practice throw. At the end of the Grand Final, students will also have the opportunity for Dylan and James to sign their paper planes to take away as a memento of the day.


Expert Tips before 29th August

Dylan Parker and James Norton (The Paper Pilots) will come to your school for a full or half day workshop and can adapt packages to accommodate multiple year groups.  The Paper Pilots have designed all of their workshops to meet a variety of NSW and National curriculum requirements (grades 3-10). The Paper Pilots pride themselves on being able to offer an engaging visual and media based experience, they use a variety of tools and resources to help demonstrate the principles of flight and science behind why these magical folded toys fly the way they do.

To book a workshop go to the Paper Pilots website at With the popularity of both the movie Paper Planes and the Young Scientist Paper Pplaneplanelane Challenge, bookings are filling up quickly with March and April nearly booked out. The Paper Pilots have always centred their workshops and performances around ‘hands on’ learning and teach through active demonstration. So get in quickly and experience an educational workshop that will make Science and Technology come alive.


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