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Regional High Flyers Competition

Students from Regional schools who are unable to attend the 2015 Young Scientist Paper Plane Challenge at The University of Sydney will still be able to compete in our “Regional High Flyers Competition”. Two great prizes will be given to the top two regional throws in each of the three events and the school of the winning student in each event will also receive a great prize. These wonderful prizes are generously donated by Crayons .

To enter, video footage of the actual student’s throw or footage of the school event must be supplied that shows where the throw was performed and the weather conditions at the time of the throw. Where possible the event should be held indoors, but if this is not possible then it must be held in gentle or nil wind conditions. To be eligible for an award, the student must have used supplied A4 paper (80g/m2) and followed all of the Paper Plane Challenge Rules.

To send your videos you can (i) upload your video on YouTube and write down the link on your registration form (ii) share your video with using Google Drive or (iii) send the video file as an attachment to an email to if the video file is less than 5MB. If you are still having difficulty sending the video footage, send us an email and we will try to assist you. All entries to the “Regional High Flyers Competition” must fill in an online Registration form to be eligible for an award and we will be contacting the nominated adult of possible winners to verify that the rules and procedures were correctly followed.

We will be posting the names, schools and distances/times of the leading competitors in each event of the “Regional High Flyers Competition” on our Leaderboard page . Whoever is leading at 5pm on Monday 24th August will be declared the winner.

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We are all looking forward with excitement to this “Regional High Flyers Competition” and we are very thankful for our sponsor Crayons for making this event possible for Regional schools.


  1. Captains Flat Public School would like to join in with the Paper Plane Challenge for Regional Schools.

    Please send more information when available.

    Thank you

  2. Hi Karen,

    Over the next 24 hours I am trying to update all the pages on the website. I have already completed 6 pages this morning. So keep looking at the website and you should get the information you need. Do you wish to be added to the Young Scientist supporters database so you can get the latest updates?

    Stuart Garth
    Young Scientist Awards Coordinator
    Young Scientist Paper Plane Coordinator

  3. Thanks Kimberley,

    You have been added to the database as the 486th supporter.


  4. Hi I’m just wondering if Newcastle is considered regional. We would find it a bit of a challenge to make it to the open day
    My son is hoping to register for the distance event. His school is not participating but that is not deterring him. We will be taking the qualifying video this week for the registration
    Kind regards


  5. Yes, Newcastle students can compete in the Regional High Flyers Competition. We are looking forward to receive the video of your son’s efforts.

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