Registration closes at 5pm on Monday 24rd August (Just after National Science Week)

When a student has qualified for the 2015 Young Scientist Paper Plane Challenge, an online Registration Form will need to be filled out for the event they have qualified for, only if they intend to come to the finals at The University of Sydney Open Day on Saturday 29th August. When a regional student has qualified for the Regional High Flyers Competition, an online Registration Form will need to be filled out for the event they have qualified for and they will need to provide video evidence of this qualifying throw.

The registration form can be filled out by the student, parent or a teacher. All the fields marked with an asterisk need to be filled in, so make sure you have the name and email details of both the student and the adult who can verify their qualifying throw. Parents are most welcome to provide their email address if their child does not have their own email address.

A separate registration form must be submitted for each qualifying throw and students are welcome and even encouraged to register more than once, if the student has improved their distance or time. We are wanting students to experiment with new and improved designs, so that they are continually selecting a range of techniques to produce solutions that address the design criteria and identified constraints (Stage 3, Working Technologically outcome: NSW Science K-10 (incorporating Science and Technology K-6) Syllabus).

Once the registration form has been filled in, press submit and a confirmation will be sent to each supplied email address. If a mistake has been made with the registration and it has already been submitted, send a brief explanatory email to and then fill in a separate registration form.




  1. Hello,

    I’ve tried to register to my son for the paper planes. The teacher suggested I email you this way
    Can we still register or alternatively do we come nice an early and try to register as a wildcard at 10:30am

  2. Hi is it possible to register for2016? My 7yo son would like to be involved individually and he is very keen to be a part of it! Thank you

  3. Rose, registrations will become active in early March when we launch this year’s competition. Your son will be able to enter individually if he meets the qualifying distance or time which should be the same as last year.

  4. Hi, is it possible to register my son this year as an individual entrant now, even though he will be going to a new school in 3/4mths time, and the school may be entering as well. If he enters as an individual, does it then exempt him from taking part in the school entrance?

  5. Your son can be entered as an individual – he just needs to be able to make the Qualifying distance. Therefore he will be exempt from qualifying through school. Registration will be activated in mid April.

  6. Hi, my nephew is a paper plaine enthusiast. He is 11 years old and we are living in Melbourne. Can he come and fly his plains in August?

  7. Your nephew is definitely able to participate if he meets the qualifying time or distance. We are currently working on the Registration system for 2016 and he can apply when this is ready to go. We will notify everyone via our website when Registration is ready.

  8. Hello,

    There are many children from my school (K-6) who are extremely interested in entering this competition. Are we able to register as a school or do children need to register separately?

  9. Stephen, you don’t have to register your school, just your students. Registration will be ready to load student throws in the next few days.

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