In conjunction with our STANSW Young Scientist Models and Innovations exhibition (sponsored by Institute of Industrial Arts Technology Education), we will be supporting the 2016 NSW All Schools Paper Plane Challenge at The University of Sydney Open Day, on Saturday 27th August. Open to all NSW school students this is once again, promising to be a most exciting and promising event. Dylan and jamesDylan Parker and James Norton (pictured) will be organising the 2016 NSW All Schools Paper Plane Challenge. The hit Aussie movie, Paper Planes was based on Dylan and James’ amazing exploits that saw them representing Australia at the 2009 World Paper Plane Championships in Austria. Have a look at some footage from the 2012 World Championships to appreciate how exciting the throwing of a paper plane can get.

As a prelude to the Final of the 2016 NSW All Schools Paper Plane Challenge, Dylan and James will be giving a presentation of their world championship planes and other amazing plane designs in a special show which should not be missed.

The 2016 NSW All Schools Paper Plane Challenge will consist of three different events (i) Furthest distance K-6, (ii) Furthest distance 7-12 and (iii) Longest airtime K-12. Students are allowed to enter both the distance and the airtime events, however, they must qualify individually for each event.


  1. I am really excited to participate in this initiative as I am sure our Y6 students will be.
    Having quickly read looked at the website, I assume that registration for the Sydney event only happens if any students qualify and plan to attend.
    I am just making sure that my understanding is correct and no other form of registration is required prior to this.

    Thanks for making this possible. What a great idea.

    Regards Bev

  2. Hi Bev,

    Firstly, I am glad that the link to the website worked. You are totally correct that students should only register if they are intending to come to the Sydney University event. By qualifying and filling in the registration form, the student is automatically registered for this event, nothing more needs to be done.


  3. Hi Stuart,

    Our school is looking forward to participating in the 2015 Young Scientists Paper Plane Challenge.
    In the first email I received there was a link for a ‘flyer’ that could be used for promoting the event at school, on notice boards and in newsletters. This link does not seem to be working, is there a new one?


  4. Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for this email. In response I have added the flyer to this website, so it is readily accessible by schools and students alike.


  5. Hi,

    I was at the AIS STEM Conference on Monday and inquired about our students being able to participate in this event. I was told that we would be able to submit our entries via video footage (with a few easy authentication requirements). As we are a NSW registered school, teaching NSW curriculum, but based in Kuala Lumpur, the comments above about having to attend the Sydney event contradict the advice I was given. Can someone clarify for me please, are we allowed to participate?


  6. I just read the information about Regional Entries, I am sure we would probably come under the category of “regional”, is this correct? Cheers
    Cally (Australian International School Malaysia)

  7. Hi Cally,

    Yes, you would definitely fit the criteria of a regional school and your school will help give this competition a real international flavour.


  8. Kingsgrove North High School is gathering momentum for this exciting event. First announcement has been made and some students have put down their names for the school event.

  9. That is great, we need some High School participants. Up to this stage most of those who have registered are Primary School students. So any student from Kingsgrove North, I encourage you to get involved and register your best throw and keep on practicing and re-register if you happen to improve on your previous best throw.

  10. Hi,

    Students from our school (PWPS) are very excited to be a part of this amazing event.
    I have registered students form my school. However, I have only entered the longest distance, not the airtime. Is that ok? Should I send their airtime?
    Alicja form PWPS

  11. If their airtime is greater than 5 seconds then send those details also so they can compete in both events on the day.

  12. hi im in marie burshir public school,im 1st in my school,my paper plain is stuck in the wall,my airplain goes 23m32cm.i go to zone.bye~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  13. No both competitions use the same form. The only difference is that the Regional High Flyers entrants have to submit a video link in the specified domain.


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