Paper Planes Registration


Registrations are now closed for the Young Scientist Paper Planes competition. we look forward to seeing all the finalists on Saturday.




  1. Congratulations Dawson,

    You are officially the first person in New South Wales to qualify and register for the 2015 Young Scientist Paper Plane Challenge. Well done!

    Stuart Garth
    Young Scientist Paper Plane Challenge Coordinator

  2. Thanks Nathan for your registration,

    You, Oliver and Dawson are the first three students to enter in New South Wales. If any of the three of you would like your photo posted on the homepage of the website, send me a photo of yourself with your plane, giving your parents permission and I will post this. This is an honour that only you three can claim. Send your photo to .


  3. At the moment it is restricted to NSW only. However, we as a committee are very keen to start extend this to Australia-wide and then International as explained in the post on the homepage. We are looking for a sponsor who can contribute $500 or more to start these competitions.


  4. LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M iiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnn!

  5. Hi Jen, they are issued with a piece of A4 paper. There is to be no cutting, taping, gluing, adding weights or anything. They are only allowed to fold the paper and they can bring a scorer or other similar implement like a paddle-pop stick to make the fold lines as flat as possible.

  6. ​Hi there
    I am a teacher from Tocumwal Public School and have run the competition here this week. We have 8 students who threw past 12 metres. We held the event outdoors as we have no hall and have videoed the slight breeze that was blowing that day.

    ​What I omitted to do was video the 3 winning throws as I didn’t video everything as not enough hands. Does this therefore disqualify those 8 students from being eligible to go to Sydney? If not and I upload the video to you how long until we know if the wind factor disqualifies them? We are 8-9 hours from Sydney and if any families wish to go to that effort they will need to know sooner rather than later. I k now that we could have videoed etc as a regional school but as a teacher at a small school I wear many hats and just could not fit that in.

    Thanks for the great comp. Beth Hatty

  7. I can’t wait! I’m driving my mum crazy with paper planes flying everywhere! This is sooooooo much fun!

  8. I have been trying to register my son and keep being asked to enter a valid email address. I have entered our home email and also a separate email and keep getting the same response. My son qualified at school and is excited to enter. Please let me know what I am doing wrong.

  9. hi, I filled in the registration form but I don’t know if it worked as I haven’t received any confirmation. My son is very excited and I’d hate to disappoint him..

  10. Yes I have an entry for Cooper Nelson with your email address attached so if that is your son, then he has definitely qualified.

  11. We haven’t got a confirmation email either… can you please confirm for: Jaxon Miller 8yrs.
    We’ll be travelling from a couple of hours away, so I don’t want to get there and find out that he’s not registered. I would be in so much trouble! Please let me know….Many thanks, Jaxons mum

  12. I can confirm that Jackson is registered and his Registration number is 593. That is the number that we will be adding to his plane to identify him and his plane.

  13. I have two kids to register to represent there school in the paper plane challenge on Saturday. I am so sorry but was totally unaware that we needed to register before Monday. Just wondering if we are able to register late. Thank you.

  14. I’m hoping I’ve registered my son, thomas bakker correctly. I’ve had no email confirmation that I can find. Thanks. Leanne

  15. I can confirm that Thomas Bakker is officially registered for the Young Scientist Paper Plane Challenge. See you on Saturday.

  16. Would it be possible to register a Year 5 student from Australian Christian College for the finals at Sydney University. We missed the deadline unfortunately. His name is Bryan Loke.


  17. The Young Scientist Paper Plane Challenge is the finals of a statewide paper plane competition for all NSW schools. Part of The University of Sydney Open Day on Saturday 29 August and it includes a show by Dylan Parker and James Norton, the inspiration behind Paper Planes, the movie.

  18. We are currently developing a new registration and league table system. Once this is ready we will be letting everyone know via a post on our homepage. It is definitely on again and it will be bigger in 2016.

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