Summer Hill Public School Shines


The Year 6 prefects from Summer Hill Public School conducted the Young Scientist Paper Plane Challenge for their 32 classes during the last two weeks of Term 2. Raising money for their Year 6 gift, they instructed each class on the art of paper plane throwing and a massive 49 students qualified for the finals at the University of Sydney Open Day on Saturday 29th August.

Schools, if you want your photos of your school event to be posted on our website, send in some photos (making sure you have photo consent for each student photographed).


  1. Hello. My 8 year old son asked me to find a Paper Plane competition for him to enter after watching the Paper Planes movie. The google search led me to this site. I am wondering if an individual can enter or any information on future competitions would be appreciated? Thank you. Aja

  2. Yes individual students can enter and their parents can be the adult who can verify that a throw has qualified and that the wind conditions are still. You have until 24th August to register and to my knowledge there is no other major school paper plane competition in Australia. So get involved and I love to see you come to Sydney University on August 29th for the finals.

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