A slice of Oz wishes us well

Just hours before our inaugural Young Scientist Paper Plane Challenge, a school in the heart of Malaysia has forwarded their best wishes for our event. The Australian International School Malaysia (AISM), just outside of Kuala Lumpar, has just recently held their Regional paper Plane Challenge with 60 of their students competing. Yesterday they presented specially-designed certificates to those who took part in their school event.


Although 6611 km away, the students were really excited to be included in the Paper Plane Challenge. The Coordinator of their competition, Cally Nielsen, wrote the following message to express their thankfulness, “Thank you so much for remembering our little slice of Oz. It was an honour to compete as the Australian school that we are. We eagerly await the announcement of your fantastic events for next year, and hope to see ourselves climbing the leaderboard!! Until then, thank you again for all of your support and congratulations on a wonderful international event!”

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